AAiM Week

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About AAiM Week

Originally called AAiM Day, AAiM Week is a week-long immersive, virtual experience that brings aviation and aerospace to Manitoba classrooms. Manitoba Aerospace will be hosting this year’s AAiM virtually via Delphi Technology Corp’s VR City training platform.

Annually, Manitoba Aerospace hosts AAiM Day in collaboration with local businesses and educational institutions. Its objective is to increase awareness of job opportunities in the local aerospace and aviation industries by using hands-on programs that focuses on specific industry processes.

“On a mission to inspire the next generation of aeronautics professionals”

Our Activities

Flight Simulation

A series of activities within our ManeuvAIR simulator. Consists of lecture component for background information as well as interactions with the simulator.

Trivia/Classroom Activity

Simple, ‘at-home’ style activity that can be delivered live by the teacher while the students follow along.

Video Lectures

A combination of educational videos from experts in the industry.

Radio Communication

Activities to test different forms of radio communication. Consists of a lecture component with radio communication information, as well as interactions with the Skyleus bot.

Interactive Pilot Stories

Our Skyleus bot delivers interactive stories of situations that a pilot may encounter. The teacher and students will make their own choices for each step which will guide the story outcome.

Cockpit Design

A drag and drop activity to build a unique cockpit design composed of different flight instruments.