VR City is at AI Expo Korea 2023!

Learn with us about the latest developments and innovations in the field of artificial intelligence in one of the biggest conferences in Korea. The AI Expo features various exhibits showcasing the latest AI technologies, products, and services, as well as keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities for professionals and industry experts in the AI sector.

VR City is Transforming and Accelerating Training
and Education

Looking to revolutionize they way your business trains its staff? Or perhaps you want to improve class delivery in your school? Look no further than VR City, your gateway to immersive, AI-powered virtual reality education and training experiences.

VR City can provide learners with a unique and immersive learning experience through AI avatar-led training and digital twin simulations. Whether you’re training for a career in aviation, healthcare, manufacturing or any other industry, our platform can create lifelike environments to help you master the necessary skills.

Our AI avatar-led training provides instant feedback and guidance to help learners achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. With VR City, learners can experience the future of training and education, in a safe and engaging environment. Plus, our platform is affordable, making it accessible to learners of all experience levels. Join us on this journey towards a new era of training and education with VR City.


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