Who are we looking for?

Are you passionate about technology and eager to make a difference in the field of training and education? Join our team and explore the endless possibilities of XR. As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into this dynamic industry, expand your knowledge, and contribute to shaping the future. Complete the form on this page and take your first step towards an exciting career in tech.

The following roles are available:

Marketing Assistant Intern (8 months internship).

Marketing & Events Coordinator intern (8 months internship).

About Delphi Technology Corp?

Founded in 2020, Delphi Technology Corp is leading the digital transformation of adaptive education and training using virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

What is VR City?

Our flagship product, VR City, offers an immersive virtual training campus that utilizes AI-powered avatar trainers to upskill employees in record time.

Through VR City, we aim to transform traditional training methods by creating digital twins of real-life work environments and trainers. Our cutting-edge technology captures every detail of a trainer’s actions and movements in real-time, enabling us to create a perfect digital replica that can be used to train employees at any time, anywhere in the world.

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