Fighting Climate Change

Climate change, often referred to as global warming, has emerged as the ultimate adversary in our quest for a clean and green world. As levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases continue to rise in a seemingly uncontrollable rate, climate change is affecting economies, environments, and lives all around the world. Due to the growing amount of severe and detrimental effects caused by climate change, the UN dedicated Sustainable Development Goal #13 to promoting and planning for climate action. While climate change is one of Canada’s primary environmental concerns, we can frequently feel overwhelmed and powerless in addressing it, particularly in the workplace. Regardless, creating an eco-friendly workplace is not all that difficult.

This is the third in a series of blog posts dedicated to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each article will focus on one of the objectives and how we incorporate these goals into our work. Below you will find some of the ways that we at Delphi Technology Corp. promote environmentalism in our company in order to do our part in the fight against climate change.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Delphi Technology Corp. office promotes the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When paper is no longer able to serve any purpose, we offer recycling bins in the workplace and ensure that they are being used properly and consistently. We encourage our employees to develop environmentally-conscious habits in order to save paper which in turn limits our company’s waste contributions. Incorporating simple practices of reducing, reusing, and recycling into your office environment truly doesn’t take too much effort, yet it can make a big difference in terms of environmental stewardship.

From Paper to Online

While we ensure that our use of paper is carefully controlled, the majority of our daily work at Delphi Technology Corp. does not require the use of paper at all. Many company resources that were previously stored on paper are now stored online—our company records, scheduling and tasking programs like Wrike and Slack, documentation, brainstorming, and development are all conducted electronically. Our product itself, VR City, is an online virtual platform that allows for less use of paper in the education process. Through digitization, our company is able to reduce a significant amount of waste. This demonstrates how our company mission of resolving practical problems through innovative technology enables us to align with the SDG Goal on climate change. Our digital practices are how we reduce our ecological footprint through innovative and modern technology.

Locally Sourced Supplies

When it comes to our work supplies, we are consciously aware of the environmental impact effect that product shipping has on the environment. The carbon emissions caused by transportation are constantly putting greenhouse gases into our air. At Delphi Technology Corp, we purchase locally manufactured supplies. As a result of the shorter journey, the shipping process emits fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere. We purchase only what is necessary for our office, ensuring that nothing goes to waste, and we also make fewer purchases by purchasing supplies and equipment in bulk. This also helps to lessen the carbon emissions caused by transport. In today’s world, reducing your carbon footprint is much more complicated than it appears to be, as even local manufacturing has its faults in promoting climate action. However, we are always searching for the sourcing strategy that is the best and safest option for the environment.

Doing Our Part

Climate change is a worldwide issue, and as one company we will not be able to stop it ourselves. However, simple changes that we make in our office can make a significant contribution to the bigger solution. By promoting a waste-free work environment and being mindful of the products and materials we use and how we get them, we are striving to do our part in creating a cleaner and greener world. In addition to this, we leverage our company value of finding technological solutions to showcase how an eco-friendly world can be accomplished through innovative, modern solutions.