Golf and Marshmallows: Manitoba Aerospace Annual Golf Event

We couldn’t have wished for a better day or a more enthusiastic crowd.

Delphi Technology Corp’s team participated at Manitoba Aerospace’s Annual Golf Tournament. Manitoba Aerospace hosts an annual golf event at Larter’s Golf Course in support of the Manitoba Aerospace Student Endowment Fund.  The event offers an excellent opportunity for networking, fresh air and exercise, and a fun day of golf, all while assisting secondary and post-secondary students in completing their studies and pursuing lucrative jobs in the aerospace sector.

Delphi Technology Corp. was a silver sponsor and hosted a “Longest Marshmallow Drive” game on Hole 3. The activity elicited various amusing and intriguing suggestions from golfers on how to hit the marshmallow the farthest. 

Delphi Team’s Booth at Hole 3.

Longest Marshmallow Drive Game

The Longest Marshmallow Drive game is a fun, creative spin on the traditional Longest Drive challenge. Typically, a Longest Drive Challenge is a competition to see who can hit their golf ball the farthest and with the most precision into a target area. Similarly, The Longest Marshmallow Drive Challenge is conducted in exactly the same way except with the marshmallow substituting for a golf ball!. This game adds a great deal of entertainment and silliness to golf. The different strategies that each contestant came up with were really fun to watch 

Rubik’s Cube Prizes

Delphi chose Rubik’s Cubes to give out as prizes for the winners of each group in the tournament. The Rubik’s Cubes not only serve as souvenirs and memories, but they also perfectly represent our product, VR City. Rubik’s Cubes are fun, they stimulate one’s mind and creativity, and they help you learn how to solve problems in innovative ways. 

Congratulations to the winners of the Longest Marshmallow Drive from each group: 

  • Glen Middleton from HUB International
  • Jason Virtue
  • Vill Ryan
  • Mike McCartan from Skyalyne
  • Shirley Gregorash from AeroRecip
  • Nigel Daly from Magellan Aerospace
  • Ian Klassen
  • Curtis Gibson
  • James Wishart – StandardAero
  • Dale Lyle Southpoty Aerospace Centre
  • Chris Piotrowski
  • Tyler Wills from Canadian Propeller
  • Will Findlater from YES! Winnipeg
  • Dell Holiday from Dell Holliday CPA

Additionally, we would like to congratulate Dale Lyle of Southport Aerospace Centre Inc. for being the overall winner of our Longest Marshmallow Drive game! He received a customized Wine and Cheese Basket as a reward.

We would like to thank Manitoba Aerospace for hosting this event, as well as everyone who contributed to its success.