What Exactly is Micro-Credentialing?

You learn new skills every day, enhancing your professional growth. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get recognition for them? Or if there was a way that you could demonstrate how good you are at these new skills? Micro-Credentialing may be your solution.


Do You Want To Try A Virtual Aviation Platform? Now You Can!

Want to be a part of testing our virtual aviation platform through our Alpha Testing?

Delphi Technology Corp is spearheading the industry of virtual aviation training. With the feedback from the industry, we are developing VR City – a virtual, interactive and immersive community platform for those who want to pursue their aviation careers.


Why VR City?

VR City, created by a team led by two former Air Force colleagues, looking poised to revolutionize aviation training.

After many discussions with various industry stakeholders, the team found many shortcomings in the training landscape that resulted in high costs, a high drop-out rate, and a lengthy training regimen. VR City was established in response to flaws in the way aviation is taught to a new generation of learners, who have vastly different learning needs. Designed as a platform that could scale as required, VR City is here to meet the needs of future training demand that is expected to exceed current training capacity.