What Can We Do to Achieve Good Health and Well-being in an Organization?

Having healthy, motivated, and focused employees can greatly improve an organization’s performance. At Delphi Technology Corp, we strive to ensure good health and well-being – one of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals – in the workplace.

As part of the 2030 Agenda, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as Global Goals, were established. The 17 Global Goals seek to end poverty, enhance health and education, decrease inequality, and promote economic development while addressing climate change. In this series of blogs, we’d like to explain how we have embraced these goals in our work. Today’s blog is on how we achieve Goal 3 – Ensuring Good Health and Well-Being.

Get Immunized

Have you ever heard the saying “Health is Wealth?” To ensure good health at Delphi Technology Corp, we urge our staff to get immunized. One such example is encouraging staff to prioritise obtaining Covid vaccinations and providing sufficient time for staff to rest and recover from the effects of the vaccination. When employees are in good health and are protected from diseases, we can work more productively and efficiently. Employees are also less likely to miss work due to their health issues. As a healthy population is the foundation of a thriving economy, Delphi Tech Corp wants to promote healthy lifestyles among all its employees through immunization.

Prioritize Downtime

According to Kim, Park, and Niu’s (2017) study, taking mini breaks during the workday is critical. Rest is essential for enabling an individual to perform better, increase the capacity to think creatively, and stay healthy. Resting may include spending a few minutes away from your work; this might include grabbing a drink or chatting with another individual in a room.

Delphi Technology Corp’s company structure is set up in a way that allows employees to incorporate downtime in their daily work schedule. Employees simply need to ensure their objectives at work are met and participate in a few different touchpoints throughout the day. Most of the collaboration among employees are also self-determined. This allows for some downtime during the day and allows people to recuperate, refocus, and return to work with renewed vigour.  

Access to Health Care Benefits and Counselling Services

Extending health and dental benefits to employees improves their health and well-being. Full-time workers at Delphi Technology Corp receive unlimited extended health care benefits that expire at the age of 85 or retirement. Employees have a co-insurance of 100% for Hospital Care, Vision, 80% for Drugs, 100% for Medical Services & Supplies, and 100% for Professional Services under this plan. In addition to the extended healthcare coverage, there is a digital wellness programme in which workers may earn incentives for making healthy choices. They may do so by keeping track of active healthy decisions like obtaining a flu vaccination or going to the gym.

If an employee needs therapy for a variety of problems, they may contact a Workplace advisor service to express their concerns and have access to counselling services. This may include everything from psychiatric issues to addictions, as well as family and marital issues and dietary counselling. Personalized information and resources are chosen by counselling experts with the best interests of our workers in mind.

Foster Stronger Bonds Between Co-Workers

Befriending co-workers may improve one’s happiness and productivity, as well as one’s overall well-being. Stronger relationships among co-workers also guarantees that there is a form of mental and emotional support to aid in overall wellbeing, which is particularly essential when deadlines are imminent. According to a 2016 study published in Personnel Psychology, a group of professors showed that groups of colleagues who considered themselves friends performed better on performance assessments. The researchers suggested several possible reasons, including the fact that people were more likely to seek help and advice from colleagues they considered friends and informal networks enabled information sharing.

Every Thursday, Delphi Technology Corp. has a Sprint & Retro session during which employees present their weekly team evaluations and participate in team-building activities. This enables us to stay informed about what is happening within each team, to learn more about one another, and to foster team bonding. Not only does this increase improves engagement and productivity within the team, but it also benefits employee well-being.

Assigning a Buddy-Mentor system also helps new members settle in during the nerve-wracking first weeks on the job. When Delphi Technology Corp. gets a new employee, we always pair them with members of their team who have a greater level of seniority. With this system in place, our new employees will have a greater understanding of the workplace’s processes, procedures, and culture, resulting in a faster onboarding process and ensuring they begin working productively sooner..

Creating a feedback culture allows employees to voice out their honest feedback can increase job performance and increase employee morale. According to Quantum Workplace’s study, highly engaged organizations utilizes feedback initiatives such as one-on-one meetings, formal award programmes, and yearly employee surveys. After our team-building games at Delphi Technology Corp, we also incorporate a feedback culture by holding a constructive feedback session. Here, employees will be able to voice out their frustrations and let each staff member know which areas can be improved in a task. This gives us the opportunity to identify, eliminate work obstacles, have honest conversations and make Delphi Technology Corp a better place to work in.

Delphi Technology Corp follows a flat hierarchy structure in the company. With this company structure, employees can connect with both CEOs anytime. This also allows staff to have increased visibility and engagement as they are able to ask for advice, guidance and direction directly. As a result, leaders can personally know their employees and discover their employees’ goals.  

Additionally, we arrange annual social events, such as outings to the park, to foster camaraderie and to ensure employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. These initiatives seek to improve employees’ behaviour for the better. Encouraging employees to practise preventative care is the key to making Delphi Technology Corp a healthier place to work.

Encourage Employee Recognition

Everyone likes to be appreciated for their work. To promote well-being in the workplace, we believe recognizing employees for their efforts and achievements is one of the most desired and easiest to implement well-being initiatives. Whenever our employees perform outstandingly on their projects, we express our recognition during meetings. We reward outstanding performers with incentives, such as gift cards, as a token of our appreciation.

At Delphi, we recognize how each employee likes to be acknowledged. This increases the impact and significance of the award for everyone. Apart from rewarding workers for their job achievements, we also recognize employees’ personal milestones, such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, and other life events. Employee appreciation demonstrates to workers that their employer values them and their efforts to the team’s and organization’s success. It boosts their morale, makes their work more meaningful, and has a beneficial effect on their well-being.

As an organization, we can ensure our employees are immunized, ensure they make downtime their priority, foster employee friendships and promote employee recognition to achieve the goal of good health and well-being. The bottom line is that healthy and happy employees are the most efficient and produce the best work. While the list above contributes to the health and well-being of the Delphi Technology Corp. team, the on-going pandemic has changed our view on workplace health and well-being and increased our focus on this goal. At Delphi Technology Corp’s workplace, we are committed to continually improving promoting health and well-being — a UN sustainable development goal.