What Can You Do in VR City?

VR City is the virtual community dedicated to teaching aspiring aviators the learning tools to fly, socialize and have fun. Users of VR City may explore, study, and interact in real-time using their personalized avatars. From classroom instruction to virtual boat racing, VR City offers a diverse range of activities and features. Here’s what you can do in VR City:

Interact with VR City users

VR City has a multi-user feature which allows you to communicate with various VR City users in real-time. There are three ways you can communicate – using your microphone, direct messaging and using emotes.

As VR City simulates how we talk in the real world, you will experience the Proximity Voice effect. This means the closer you are to someone, the louder your voice gets. The further you are, the softer your voice gets.

If you prefer text communication, our public and private text chat options are perfect for you. When you first enter VR City, you will see a green public chat box, which will allow you to type messages and send them to the rest of the virtual world. If you want to privately message another user, all you have to do is click on another avatar’s name, click the “send a private chat option and shoot them a message.

As a VR City user, you can express yourself through using VR City’s emotes. Users may express emotion via VR City’s emotes, which substitute for body language and tone of voice in the 3D World of VR City. Not only does it improve the nonverbal communication signals of an avatar, but it also conveys a great deal about the users’ unique personalities. Our most popular emotes are currently doing a cheer and dancing!

Learjet 35A/C21A in ManeuvAIR

As a VR City user, you will be able to test out our new and existing flight exercises together with our new and improved Skyleus AI-assistant. Learn how to fly in our ManeuvAIR flight simulator and try our Straight-and-Level exercise.By using ManeuvAIR, you can fly in a stunning virtual cockpit, enjoy the views provided by multiple external cameras, and apply your newly learnt knowledge in our new flight exercises.

What’s a Skyleus?
In ManeuvAIR, Skyleus will act as your smart flight tutor providing you tips and corrections. Think of it as your virtual flight instructor. Skyleus also doubles up as our AI-assistant conversant chatbot you can talk to for help.      

Complete a LMFlight Course and Earn Badges

Another thing you can do is try out one of our LMFlight course. Explore our adaptive course such as Flight Operations in an interactive style. This includes role-playing audio, personal AI tutor ‘Skyleus’, and multiple assessment points. Everything you do, such as viewing a course page, completing a module, or taking a quiz, and everything in between, will earn you “experience points.” As you gain more experience points, you will eventually “Level up” and rewarded with a new badge.

Chat with Skyleus

Have you ever forgotten a definition and want to look it up quickly? Don’t fret, Skyleus AI-assistant is here to help you! As a VR City user, you can ask Skyleus to define a term for you by simply typing it in. Once you’ve done that, Skyleus will be able to give you the definition within a matter of seconds.

Build a Plane with FlightForge

Unleash your inner creativity bybuilding, modifying, and designing existing aircraft in FlightForge and experience how your designed plane will fly in the simulator. 

In VR City, you can expect to see our FlightForge course updated with newer images and text.  At Flight Forge, you can learn different design choices that affect flight dynamics. Lastly, you can also design and decorate their airplanes however they like and fly it in our ManeuvAIR flight simulator.

Relax and Unwind
At VR City, we also have areas dedicated for fun activities and it doesn’t get better than this!

Imagine having waves crashing along the shores, and the sun kissing your shoulders, but virtually. If that sounds appealing, come explore our white sandy beach in VR City and even drive your own boat! If you and your friends are up for it, you can also go boat racing.

If you prefer playing sports, users can also play soccer on our virtual soccer field. To play soccer, all you have to do is click on the soccer ball in VR City using your mouse. Even if you are not a seasoned gamer, there’s an inherent joy in kicking a soccer ball around, and it’s a lot of fun for both beginners and experts.

Interested? Schedule a VR City tour now!

If you are an aspiring aviator, prepare to be immersed in an adaptive training system that will allow you to hone your piloting skills, network with other aspiring aviators, and learn from experienced flight instructors! To begin your aviation adventure in VR City, all you need is a laptop or computer that can connect to the internet.

To schedule a VR City tour, you can register here. If you have any questions regarding VR City, contact us at info@vrcity.ca.