Customized STEM Programming


With VR City’s metaverse, the sky’s NOT the limit!

While our standard STEM programs build a strong foundation, VR City is the perfect platform to elevate critical thinking and creativity by solving real-world challenges. Your imagination is the only limit.

Put VR City to Work in Your School or Organization

Our STEM courses are an exciting way to enliven existing programs. Elevate your camp, after school program, or invite us in for a virtual school field trip. 

Ideal For:
Air Cadets
Industry Events
Aviation Schools

And More…

Sample Modules

Airplanes & Cockpit Viewer
Cockpit Designer
Intro to Air Traffic Control
Space Shuttle
Weather Flying
Radio Communication
Flight Theory & Weather Conditions
And More…


Encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills with fun and exciting STEM programs. Kids will be amazed at what they can do!

After School Programs

Integrate a VR element into your STEM after school program and let students’ imaginations take flight.

Tailored Programming

Take a virtual adventure to the world of STEM, tailored to curricula of your choice.

Sometimes the medium is the message—invite students to experience the VR City metaverse–you’ll be inspiring the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.  

Learn more about our STEM programming.

Learn how we can engage your students through various aviation activities and self-paced learning experiences.