For Vocational & Post-Secondary

Transforming and Accelerating Education

VR City is transforming learning through immersive and interactive engagement. New technology is driving huge changes in manufacturing and industry, creating a skills gap that spells huge opportunities for vocational education. Keeping up with the pace of change, staying agile and responsive to industry, has never been easier than with VR City.

We’re reshaping the future of education where students are inspired and equipped with essential skills that have real world application and impacts.

VR City, a digital education and training platform, makes it easy to learn any subject matter in an intuitive, immersive and interactive way.

We make onboarding your courses easy. You provide your content, and we upload it to the platform, working to enhance and augment the training experience. We’ll recommend the best solutions for your objectives, providing you with support every step of the way. Experience how VR City can enhance and advance your delivery. Contact us to get a solution customized to your needs today.

Discover the possibilities:

Experiential Learning

Simulate real-world scenarios and high-pressure situations, allowing trial and error without consequence.

Self-driven Practices

Offer a variety of practice modules, providing feedback loops to drive self-improvement that hones skills.

Collaborative Learning

Students, instructors, and industry partners can be invited into the virtual campus to interact and collaborate on projects based on real world problems.

Engage Through Play

Deliver modules based on strong storytelling, utilizing strong visuals and gamification to foster creative problem solving and higher learning.

The VR City Advantage

5x faster than
classroom learning

Reduce training
and education
time by 25%

Efficient and Effective:

Deliver your courses on mobile phones, tablets, computers and/or virtual/mixed reality headsets

Enhance with visual tools such as videos, presentations, images, and 3D objects

Simple and intuitive, learners are provided with 24/7 support

Stay connected regardless of physical location

Improve access for people with disabilities

Bottom Line Impacts:

Accelerate learning — 5 times faster than traditional classroom setting

Offer courses to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime, with ease

Lower your costs of delivery

Drive additional value by turning your content into an e-commerce platform

Access data sets, analyze and gain insights into performance metrics

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