In general, a metaverse is an immersive, interactive environment generated by a computer. VR City, as a metaverse, is a highly interactive computer generated environment or community.

In ManeuvAIR, you can choose your aircraft from a list of commercial aircrafts and virtually step into a cockpit simulator. You will have full pilot controls, and in a gamified format, you’ll pilot the aircraft which will respond with the realistic flight dynamics of your chosen aircraft. You can execute traditional flight exercises in a variety of aircraft configurations.

VR City is a first-in-the-world offering: theory learning is integrated with a three-dimensional, virtual reality simulator, providing comprehensive learning and assessment for most aviation and aerospace vocations.

Several courses are globally transferable, accredited by major global regulators. 

STEM vocational modules are approved for high school credits.

Also, VR City is easily accessible with typical home computer setups. The platform is agnostic or cross platform, meaning you can use a Mac or PC and will run with basic broadband internet connection and minimal requirements.

a. Microphone, headset, VR goggles & webcam: You need a microphone in order to connect to the frame, and we strongly recommend headphones to help reduce feedback or echo. A webcam is required, and virtual reality goggles are optional but do enhance the experience.

b. Web Browsers: 

  • Mac, iPhone, iPad – use latest Safari browser version
  • PC, Chromebook, Android – Use the latest Google Chrome browser version
  • Virtual Reality – Use Firefox for HTC Vive, or Valve Index; Use the Oculus browser for the Oculus Quest

c. Internet Connection:  Frame requires a broadband wired or wireless connection. Minimum bandwidth is 3 Mbps (up/down) and recommended is 10 Mbps (up/down). The more people in your Frame, the higher connectivity speed is required for a smooth experience.

d. Operating System:

  • Mac, iPhone, iPad – OSX or iOS, iPad 0S13+
  • Android – Android 8 or later
  • PC – Windows 7 or above

The PPL Ground School courses are fully accredited. We partner with air schools to make ground school training more readily available in remote locations. Also, our courses are globally transferable, accredited by global major regulators.

Yes, you can earn your Transport Canada RPAS basic or advanced operator’s license.

Yes, you’ll meet Skyleus, our artificial intelligence-powered tutor. Available 24/7, Skleus is your personal coach, providing real time and personalized feedback for each student.

Yes, we have courses specifically designed for grade 6 to 9 curricula, exploring aviation, aerospace and STEM programs.

Yes, while we specialize in providing courses the relate to aviation, aeronautics and STEM subjects, we’re eager to deliver a variety of courses, seminar and events in our unique metaverse. If you want greater interactive with intuitive virtual reality immersiveness, we’re a great venue for any event.

Simply email or call 1-431-668-8886. We have flight/air school partners throughout Canada and are open to adding new partners all year round.