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Push boundaries on what’s possible and inspire audiences.

Take advantage of our metaverse environment and learning management system to host your courses—you’ll increase networking, facilitate greater interactivity and experience immersive virtual reality.

We deliver customized resources and learning activities that address the unique needs of each learner.

With increasing skills gaps in the labour force, on-demand training has never been more relevant. Using integrative and adaptive AI we can customize learning programs for a variety of needs. The immersive quality of this remote platform engages students in transformative learning experiences. Like-minded students located remotely throughout the country can connect in a metaverse environment to encourage, engage and build relationships.

The VR City Advantage

Interactive Metaverse


AI led Training/Learning Strategy

VR City Training Methods

Cost-effective because of the virtual element

Not limited to physical or geographic locations

Unlimited number of students per class

AI empowers learners and instructors by adapting to learning styles and reinforced learning

Continuously adapting and up-to-date due to AI feature

Highly individualized, adaptive training

Embedded in a metaverse – collaborative learning community

Latest simulation technology appealing to younger generation, immersive and interactive to elevate training

Specially curated for youth and STEM

Flexible, anywhere and anytime learning

Provide guidance and pathways towards career matching and job bridging

Traditional Training Methods

Cost includes expensive logistics (travel, facilities, space in simulators/cockpits, trainers etc)

Limited training facilities

Limited to number of students per class

Currently, not supported with artificial intelligence

Time and cost involved to ensure instructors are up-to-date on changes that occur regularly in industry

Non-adaptive training

Standalone training: non-collaborative non-community based learning

Traditional classroom delivery that limits ability to adapt education experience for each learner

Pretty standard modules and courses

Learning restricted to time, location and qualified instructors may not be available

Little to no guidance provided


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