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Darley Valencia
Delphi Technology Corp.

  • October 04 2022

    Delphi Technology Corp Signs MoU with Specialty Aerospace and Defence contractor in Canada

    Winnipeg, Manitoba (Tuesday, October 4): Delphi Technology Corp (DTC) has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with Cascade Aerospace, a specialty Aerospace and Defence contractor in Canada. This agreement will allow DTC and Cascade Aerospace to collaboratively develop and benefit from using DTC’s training metaverse campus, VR City, in providing educational services with immersive experiences within British Columbia and North America.

    Delphi’s product, VR City™, is a metaverse training campus that features adaptive learning with elements like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality embedded. VR City™ provides a virtual and on-demand training ecosystem with accredited competency-based pathways. DTC combines new normal modes of learning, collaboration and high standards of virtual training. DTC’s aim is to make training engaging, interactive and accessible to those who dream big.

  • September 20 2022

    Delphi Technology Corp closes agreement with Canada’s first independent Esports and media agency

    Winnipeg, MB, (Tuesday, September 20) Delphi Technology Corp, developer of the cutting edge metaverse educational tool, VR City has finalized a two-year agreement multi year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Canada’s New Frontier Entertainment & Media Group Ltd. (NFEMG).

    The agreement focuses on developing a partnership on facilitating training inspired by Dephi’s virtual reality training campus, VR City, as well as supporting communities, through Esports, using Delphi complete remote training solution with virtual instructor augmented by human instructor. The collaboration between Delphi Technology Corp and NFEMG allows both parties to work on bringing a one-day in-person Esports tournament style event centred around aviation and aerospace activities and trade skills in the Metaverse.

  • June 07 2022

    Delphi Technology Corp Wins
    International Performance Award for Sustainability

    Winnipeg, Manitoba (September X, 2021):  Delphi Technology Corp is honoured to receive a prestigious international Performance Award from Sustainability Impact Corporate for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on August 21, 2021. The awards ceremony was held both in-person and virtually from the Miller Theatre in Hong Kong, and recognizes businesses that have made an extraordinary effort to integrate sustainable business management into their operations. As well, the awardee must prove excellence in practices related to the United Nations Development Programme for sustainability.