Delphi Technology Corp Signs MoU with Aerodyne Aircraft Manufacturing and Development Ltd.

Winnipeg, Manitoba (Friday, October 7): Delphi Technology Corp (DTC) has announced today it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with Aerodyne Aircraft Manufacturing and Development Ltd, an innovative and dynamic organization developing low-cost private aircraft solutions, to provide training solutions with virtual reality capabilities. This agreement will allow DTC and Aerodyne to work together to develop VR City™ for use in training services, virtual reality, and other mutually agreed opportunities.

With this collaboration, DTC would provide Aerodyne with the use of Delphi’s product VR City™ a metaverse training campus featuring self-paced learning embedded with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. With VR City™, users can train and collaborate with others in a simulated environment. In addition, DTC offers a VR City training solution for Aerodyne that is cost-effective, scalable and delivers more opportunities to a bigger number of individuals.

Furthermore, VR City™ courses are accredited by Transport Canada and are globally transferable. Training in VR City™ is inclusive and adaptive for users of all learning styles with accredited competency-based pathways. VR City™ provides a virtual and on-demand training ecosystem that combines new normal modes of learning, collaboration and high standards of virtual training.

“We are excited about the prospect of working with Aerodyne to develop innovative, next-generation training for the aircraft manufacturing industry,” said Alan Tay, CEO of DTC. “We look forward to leveraging Aerodyne’s expertise, resources and its growing workforce, as well as the opportunity to contribute our capabilities and develop training technologies to train staff cost-effectively.”

 Focusing on the future of aviation, Aerodyne Aircraft Manufacturing and Development Ltd. develops products and projects which disrupt the entire market to make private aircraft accessible to those who want to fly. Aerodyne Aircraft Manufacturing and Development is changing the future so that everyone will be flying in the future, from gyrocopters, seaplanes, helicopters,and drones.

Media Contact:
Monica Morosan
Digital Marketing Manager

About Delphi Technology Corp
Founded in 2020, the award-winning team at Delphi Technology Corp developed VR City, an education platform that sets a new technological standard for adaptive virtual training. With VR City, students engage in self-paced AI-driven learning experiences and solutions, utilizing virtual and augmented reality technology, also known as the metaverse.

Awards: Delphi Technology Corp previously won the Performance Award from Sustainability Impact Corporate for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on August 21, 2021, for excellence in practices related to the United Nations Development Programme for sustainability. And in 2022, won the prestigious Startup Business of the Year Award from CanadaSME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Business Magazine. This national prize is awarded to startup companies that have shown significant promise through their growth and successful business strategy.