Delphi Technology Corp selected to be Innovation Growth Program recipient

Winnipeg, Manitoba (Monday, November 16, 2022): Delphi Technology Corp was selected as one of the recipients of the Manitoba Government’s Innovation Growth Program to support the development and commercialization of new, innovative products and services. The funding will support Delphi’s operational trials and northern Manitoba market outreach for virtual aviation learning.

Delphi Technology Corp’s goal is to fill the skills gap in Northern Manitoba’s education system by introducing students to the fundamentals of vocational aviation training with the support of the Innovation Growth Program. DTC will be able to pilot a new delivery approach to northern Manitoba through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on, experiential learning thanks to this initiative. In addition, DTC is working with various industry players such as Manitoba Aerospace, Calm Air, Missinipi Air, Keewatin Air and Perimeter for trials and market outreach. Furthermore, DTC is also receiving support from the Northern Sector Council, Winnipeg School Division and Frontier School Division.

Delphi’s product VR City™ is a virtual training campus featuring real-time feedback and a personal tutor powered by Artificial Intelligence. Users can train and collaborate in a virtual environment at VR City™. Additionally, DTC also provides a VR City training solution that is affordable, customizable, and provides more possibilities to more people in remote locations.

Training in VR City™ follows a competency-based format, making it suitable for students of varying ages, experiences, and learning styles. VR City™ provides a virtual and on-demand training ecosystem by integrating non-traditional study methods, teamwork, and high-quality virtual instruction.

“We are honoured and thrilled to be selected into the Innovation Growth Program. This initiative is near and dear to our hearts, and it fits in well with the rest of our work; it’s a small but important step toward our larger goals of ensuring that all Manitobans have access to high-quality education and fostering both equality and inclusion with the Indigenous Communities in Manitoba,” said Alan Tay, Co-Founder and CEO at Delphi Technology Corp.

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About Delphi Technology Corp

Delphi Technology Corp works with organizations to increase their training capacity by attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining their future workforce. Delphi offers upskilling opportunities to boost employee retention based on data analytics and pre-determined skill requirements.

Delphi’s product, VR City, is a virtual training campus where we transform your workplace into an experiential experience where talents are inspired and equipped with real-time feedback, a personal trainer, and accredited courses. Delphi provides basic training and onboarding to save time and make employees feel engaged. Delphi helps your staff find fulfilling jobs within the organization using real data, further boosting employee retention.

Awards: Delphi Technology Corp previously won the Performance Award from Sustainability Impact Corporate for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on August 21, 2021, for excellence in practices related to the United Nations Development Programme for sustainability. And in 2022, won the prestigious Startup Business of the Year Award from CanadaSME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Business Magazine. This national prize is awarded to startup companies that have shown significant promise through their growth and successful business strategy.