Virtual Aviation Training

Fly virtually and beyond!

Become a Pilot

with VR City

VR City is the virtual community

in providing aspiring aviators the learning

tools to fly, socialise and have fun.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Start Anywhere and Anytime

The Cost Effective Solution

Adaptive Learning

Our Product

With the integration of courseware

and flight procedural trainer

modules, VR City provides the

turnkey solution that one needs

for aviation training.

Elements of VR City

Our adaptive courseware offers

flight training materials in an

interactive style.

Experience our AI-enhanced

flight simulator training system

with performance assessments

in real-time.

Build, modify, paint and design

existing aircrafts your way with

our plane builder.

Cool, modern and exciting! VR City is truly the place to learn virtual aviation training. With the online flight simulator, this is seriously a time saver and I can start this whenever I want. I highly recommend VR City if you’d like to prepare for your PPL License.

Sarah Pilot