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VR City’s Metaverse

A platform to deliver any subject matter, for any audience in the world.

VR City is reshaping training and education for the future — bringing immersive and engaging experiences to learners. VR City can help cut delivery costs, provide data analytics that can help refine learning experience and progress, and makes it easy to tailor courses for a variety of learning styles.

Virtual Campus

VR City is a virtual campus (also known as a Metaverse), which simulates real-life learning communities. Like a real public campus, you’ll see learners and instructors from other walks of life. Learners enjoy formal learning environments in the classroom, but can also access the campus 24/7 to meet up with other students or colleagues to work on projects and socialize.

Watch our video to get a feel for the VR City community.


Designed to deepen engagement, you can deliver a variety of content such as lectures, videos, presentations, activities and projects. Along with a variety of evaluation tools such as quizzes, tests, simulated examinations, and much more.


SkyleusTM is our virtual conversational trainer that, just like a real-life instructor or teacher, provides learners with real-time feedback, assesses competencies and identifies knowledge gaps. It also delivers instruction, tips and corrections.


VR City comes equipped with an LMS, providing documentation, tracking and reporting. However, VR City can easily integrate 3rd party systems.

The VR City Advantage

5x faster than
classroom learning

Reduce training
and education
time by 25%

Efficient and Effective:

Deliver your courses on mobile phones, tablets, computers and/or virtual/mixed reality headsets

Enhance with visual tools such as videos, presentations, images, and 3D objects

Simple and intuitive, learners are provided with 24/7 support

Stay connected regardless of physical location

Improve access for people with disabilities

Bottom Line Impacts:

Accelerate learning — 5 times faster than traditional classroom setting

Offer courses to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime, with ease

Lower your costs of delivery

Drive additional value by turning your content into an e-commerce platform

Access data sets, analyze and gain insights into performance metrics

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Learn how VR City is reshaping training and education for the future — bringing immersive and engaging experiences to learners.
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